• Image of MONOCHROMATIC : PINK Large Choker
  • Image of MONOCHROMATIC : PINK Large Choker

21 line thick choker uses finest quality Japanese seed beads, polish crystal beads and glass strawberry charm. The choker looks much more vibrant and intricate in real life.. isn't that wonderful?

Intricate pattern, one of a kind.

Fits 11"- 15". Can be made larger, please specify.

Price includes Tax.
Please allow upto 7 business days for all orders in the USA and upto 14 business days for all international orders.
All Sales are final.

* To ensure that the color of the beads do not fade away, please keep away from sunlight and avoid rubbing the beads too much. Pinks are generally not the strongest pigment ( however, in this choker it is only the large pink crystal beads that could fade from sunlight and excess rubbing. The seed beads however have strong pigment so you're fine! *