• Image of HEY BHAGWAN!     DURGA
  • Image of HEY BHAGWAN!     DURGA
  • Image of HEY BHAGWAN!     DURGA

HEY BHAGWAN (translates to OH GOD!). Inspired by Hindu Goddesses and Gods, this series is a simplified depiction of Hindu temples or places of worship. The idols are offered flowers, fruits and even coins( money) reminiscing a scene of worship and offering resulting in a humorous animated aesthetic.

HEY BHAGWAN is a series made for all, irrespective of ones background religiously or racially. Just like a place of worship must not forbid "the other", this series is not simply for someone who holds too close to their constructed identity. IT IS FOR EVERYONE.

Uses wooden carved idols, metal chains, metal bells, flower charms, fruit erasers, silk tassels, German disc beads ( Aka african trade beads), glass beads, crystals.

3 tiered necklace with dangling side chains.
Shortest tier necklace 9" drop, longest tier w cherry drops 16.5". Side metal chain drop 15".

Medium length necklace.

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