GODDESSES AND WITCHES, my first triptych series , attempts to talk about women's rights in Nepal and all " developing" countries. In South Asian Hindu majority societies Goddesses are revered the most while simultaneously violence against women in rampant in many different forms. Accusations of witchcraft ( one example) in rural places have resulted in boycotting, public humiliation in many heinous ways and in worse cases death. This bipolar world that women have to navigate can be very difficult and challenging. So this series is an attempt to talk about the power that both position/ role hold, of a GODDESS and of a WITCH, the dichotomy, the good and the bad.

Uses glass beads, seed beads, Silver Skull from Nepal, wooden skull , Miniature Dhago for offerings to female dieties, and silk thread tassels, metal bells

Three tier necklace, first tier - 14". ( Can be made larger, please specify)

This necklace can be worn by anyone irrespective of their background. Art and place of Worship must never differentiate.

Price includes tax. ALL SALES ARE FINAL